Come on in, the water's fine!


Starting out as an actor over 15 years ago, I spent a lot of time in front of the camera.

Not least having my headshots taken.

A lot.

Perennially searching for the photo which would give me an Oprah "aha!" moment.

Cut to the present - having spent years as a creative nomad - and my love of portrait photography was born.

It was everything I enjoyed: people, visuals, personality, creativity.

And above all: connection.

Of course there is enormous skill in taking good pictures.

You can spend a lifetime learning. Evolving. Improving.

It's thrilling.

But what is more thrilling is connecting with your subjects.

Not just because people are wonderful. But because it's when you connect & co-create that the magic happens.

It's in that moment that you capture the person.

For me, that is what photography is about.

How I Work

I'm going to feed you a cliche...

I like my shoots to be fun (seriously).

It's the quickest way to get great pictures.

And that's on me.

It's my job as the photographer to help you unwind and get to a place where you feel relaxed, engaged and happy to be there.

So we can vibe together. 

Sure, it'll require an effort from you. A willingness to show up and work with me, but I'm not in the business of leaving people out to dry.

You're investing your faith. You're entrusting your aspirations. You're paying good money.

You deserve the best from your photographer.

There'll be music. There'll be conversation. We'll review photos as we go along to see what's working and what's not. What you like and what you don't.

As with life, shoots have a natural rhythm and the best stuff tends to come in the second half once we've found our flow.

I'll guide you there. I'll make suggestions. I'll listen to you.

Because, ultimately, we're working as a team.

Together, we'll capture photos that you will be truly happy with.

And you'll leave the shoot knowing that you gave your best and got the same in return.



When working in London I shoot from a studio smack-bang in the heart of the city.

If I'm not happily snapping away indoors, I'm out-and-about on shoots all over the Smoke - the park, your office, under a bridge, on the street...

It's all fair game in London's rich and vibrant playground.


... & Beyond

With family ties in the Cotswolds, I work extensively across the South West & Central England.

My studio space in Gloucester provides the perfect springboard out into the picturesque homes & wilds surrounding the region...

There's no shortage of stunning places to take a picture or two.

Oprah's "aha! moments" explained

In case you were wondering...

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